Team Garcia NYC is dedicated to manifesting their motto of “Building Relationships Through Service”

Our team is well rooted in New York City. We were born in this city, have been schooled here, and have experienced every change over the years from that unique perspective one has when they grow up here. We don’t just sell real estate, we keep conscious of the idea that home is the center of not only our families but yours as well. 

When you hire a team, you want a team with a passion for their business. Team Garcia NYC is dedicated to growing their knowledge with the ultimate goals of benefitting their customers and the community at large.

Team Garcia NYC brings knowledge of areas regarded as niche specialties too. For instance, we’ve acquired Appraisal certificates for the evaluation of Real Estate in both Residential and Commercial; this helps you if you decide to be a client in buyer representation or to hire us as your listing agent. 

In the event that you are facing hardship, Team Garcia NYC has handled countless short sales for both personal clients, attorneys and other brokers. This has also resulted in the Team’s expertise about the title insurance business. Helping our clients to understand and clear the hurdles of today’s Real Estate market takes more than just being visible, it takes knowledge, resources and a keen understanding of how the market evolves. 

More recently, Team Garcia NYC has positioned itself as a great resource for those transactions involving the [often hard to navigate] process of deals involving Probate.

By working with Team Garcia NYC you are acquiring the years of experience and resources that we’ve earned over time. Team Garcia NYC works with the best in the industry to help you make the best possible choices for you and your family.